• Government

    Federal buildings and embassies, guard rooms and watch towers, barracks and military housing, emergency shelters and hangers, quick-build personnel protection, munitions storage and armories.

  • Military & Security

    Guard rooms, watch towers, modular/precast shelters, pipeline protection, gas train partitions, partition walls for protection of assets.

  • Industrial

    Power plants, substations, blast walls, transformer shields, perimeter walls, pressure testing facilities, blast housing, data centers, control center.

  • Commercial

    Airports, banks, schools and colleges, court houses, shopping malls, safe room, storm protection.

3B Protection

Ballistic / Blast / Break-In

3B Protection, Inc. is a USA-based company headquartered in California. We also have offices in almost every state.

We have access to manufacturing facilities in key locations throughout the USA. 3B can also provide products for projects throughout the world.

Our expertise is offering tailored, unique, cost-effective, and realistic protection solutions against a multitude of real-life threats. Our products are backed by years of research and development and accredited by world-leading test houses.

Our product range covers anything from perimeter walls, complete buildings, houses, factories, gates, and doors, which give the very highest levels of protection against any type of ballistic, shaped charge, blast, and forced entry attacks.

We offer full turnkey solutions from initial consultation, design and engineering, manufacturing, and installation, and working with architects and planners.

In addition, we also offer the highest level of protection against fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes all of which are also offered with the above protection. We can offer you a shopping list of solutions you can mix and match however you please. We will work with you to make sure you have every angle covered.

There is no limitation on what we can offer, from protecting critical assets or buildings, our priority is to save time, money, and lives. Protection against active shooters, planned attacks, or random incidents you can be assured that you will have the best protection available.

Our products are produced using a variety of recycled materials making 3B an environmentally friendly option.

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