Schools, Colleges & Universities

Unfortunately, protection in our schools, colleges and universities is something as parents, we never want to think about. It is a very sensitive subject to many, however, there has never been a greater need in our country’s history to protect our most vulnerable.

Our goal is simple, to provide a safe and secure environment for your children. 3B will provide an uncontested security solution for your school, college or university.

3B quick-fit ballistic panels are an excellent choice when thinking about reinforcing classroom walls, hallways, and entry points or any area vulnerable to attack. They are easily incorporated into retrofits or new construction with standard industry tools.

3B ballistic panels not only provide ballistic protection they also offer forced-entry benefits. Stopping bullets is one thing, stopping the active shooter from trying to break into a classroom or safe room is another. 3B covers these threats by providing a safety barrier.

In an active shooter situation, having 3B panels and automatic lock down doors in place can make the difference between injury and non-injury providing a barrier between students, teachers, and the shooter, which will save lives.