Frequently Asked Questions

  • All NIJ & UL-752 Levels 1-10
  • Heavy ballistic attack 7,000 rounds plus
  • Physical Security
  • Line of sight
  • Anti-climb
  • Anti-dig
  • Anti-critter
  • Anti-Ram

All the above plus:

  • High explosive blast – terrorist threats and accidental explosions
  • Transformer explosions
  • Vapor cloud explosions
  • Pressure vessel rupture
  • High-speed Fragments
  • Direct shape charge attack
  • 1–8-hour firewalls available
  • Deflagration events in petrochemical facilities
  • Pool fires
  • Jet fires
  • Tested to ASTM E119
3B can withstand wind load up to 180MPH (Per ASCE7-05).

Yes. Our engineers can design 3B to accommodate any earthquake or seismic code.

Yes. Doors can protect up to 90 minutes, gates up to 180 minutes, and walls up to 240 minutes (about 4 hours). These numbers are based on low-level threat times and can be increased if required.

Yes. 3B can protect against fragmentation from weapons detonation speed 7000 FPS, fragmentation from pressure vessel rupture, airborne debris from blast events, and shape charge.

All testing has been carried out to meet the globally accepted ASTM standards. All our certifications meet USA standards and can also be used to design projects worldwide. 3B has been tested and certified to the prestigious UL 752 standard and holds certification to UL level 10. However, 3B is tested to a much higher standard which raises the standard 5000% above the UL 752 rating. Our standard also includes direct shaped charge and blast testing all of which is performed live in the field.

Absolutely! It’s what our clients love about 3B. We are a one-stop shop for all your defense and security requirements. We offer full EPC (engineer procure construct) programs making your project run smoothly and efficiently with one phone call.

Yes – we can easily provide multi-use solutions. We specialize in solving multiple problems with one panel that are designed for protection against various combinations of the threats listed above. We offer a shopping list approach on all our products giving you the option to choose from any threat combination you require.

The answer is absolutely not, unless you tell them. 3B spent a long period of time on research and development assessing how we could make our product range look like a normal everyday product you would expect to see anywhere. The secret is inside the makeup of the product. That’s what gives 3B its unique capabilities.

Standard 3B panel sizes are 12’x6’ and 12’x8’ – any size can be produced upon request. Lightweight retrofit panel sizes are 2’x 2’, 4’x 6’, 4’x 8’ – other sizes upon request. Custom sizes available upon request. Modular wall solutions and buildings available.

3B ballistic panels and columns are available in a range of different patterns and can be finished in any color that you wish. We also have the ability to provide finishes that require printed pictures or logos on the finished wall. 3B blocks would need to have a render applied to get a finish, as you would do with any normal CMU block.

While it would be reasonable to expect a building that protects against extreme threats to have the feel of a heavy-duty bunker, this will not be the case with your building. Previous clients have indicated their surprise with the level of interior comfort and general feel of a normal building.

3B offers a full turnkey solution from consultation, design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation. If you have your own engineers, we can work in conjunction with them. Products can be supplied without installation if required. Our gates and doors must be installed by our construction teams.