With the tension increasing in today’s world most countries are looking at ways to increase protection around their critical infrastructure, which if attacked or destroyed would bring the country to its knees.

In the industrial sector, we are perhaps not only looking at a heavy ballistic attack but also heavy explosive attack. Despite the best-designed security measures, the threat of weapons, explosives, or forced entry remains constant within oil, gas and chemical, nuclear power plants, electric utilities, water facilities, and many more.

The risk of harm and damage caused by these attacks can be devastating, however can be offset by considering using 3B perimeter security solutions and or internally installing ballistic & blast panels inside the building. These panels can be used in conjunction with our ballistic & blast gates and ballistic & blast doors.

Nobody really knows which weapons, explosives, or tools an assailant is going to bring when they plan to attack your facility. Unfortunately, unless you are really organized, things get out of control very quickly which is why you need to consider all eventualities regarding heavy or light attacks.

3B Ballistic & blast panels can secure your facilities for all worst-case scenarios. You will have the benefit of having protection against all threats in one panel. If an assailant brings 5000 rounds of ammunition you will have protection, and if they bring dynamite-shaped charges, you will have protection.

3B Ballistic/blast panels can easily be retrofitted into existing buildings for immediate effect in providing security against bullets from rifles, shotguns, or handguns. In addition, our panels provide effective delay against forced entry from most hand-held attack items, such as axes, heavy hammers, and even propane torches.