3B Testing

Our focus is on providing simple and advanced solutions that protect against real-life scenarios, not something that will last a few rounds and then fail. Our products stop thousands of ballistic rounds which protects the assets and gives human life the best chance of survival.

To validate our solutions, 3B has been subjected to a uniquely designed testing regime. As a company it was decided early on that we wanted to provide the best, most robust protection available in the marketplace and that’s what we ended up with.

Although we carry the prestigious relevant UL and NIJ certifications, we decided to go way beyond all global test standards and in some circumstances testing 5000 % more ballistic rounds than required by the qualifying standards.

Most of our live demonstrations and testing are performed outside in specialized testing grounds where everything is constructed for real-life situations. In our latest demonstration program, we administered by heavy machine gun 5200 rounds of live ballistic fire over an 8x12ft wall span and kept its structural integrity.

Live blast testing was conducted using a variety of different charge weights including but not limited to, C4, RDX, and carefully prepared satchel and backpack charges directly against a 3B wall. RPG simulation was also conducted.

In other testing, we also conducted a series of live fragmentation explosions, these varied in charge weights and sizes. These tests gave us critical data on how 3B would perform against certain bomb threats such as a pressure cooker, pipe bomb, heavy mortar round, and IED.