More recently commercial businesses and property have become a target of attack, riots, civil unrest, and in some cases, robbery. Security guards, personnel, and customers are also placed at risk when an event like this happens.

3B can help improve the durability of your premises in multiple ways, 3B ballistic and blast panels can be installed in entryways, hallways, and cloakrooms, and we can create safe rooms that will provide areas of complete protection in the event something happens.

3B riot panels can also be used as riot-proof panels for walls and counters to protect your retail facilities. In addition to protection against a wide range of firearms, our panels provide effective delay against forced entry from most hand-held attack items such as an axe, heavy hammer, electric saw, or drills. Our riot-resistant panels are a cost-effective way to keep your business safe.

3B can offer security solutions that create a complete bubble of safety if somebody breaches your building, including ballistic doors and gates. Our doors can operate in a full lock down situation if required, or to lock the assailant in a particular area of the building.