3B 4 Hour Firewalls (Flaming Hot)

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  • 4-hour Firewall 
  • Ballistic and blast (if required)  
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Standard Panel Thickness

  • 8″

Standard Panel Length

  • 4’ to 15′
  • Panel length is determined by overall wall elevation, soil retention, wind load and other structural design criteria

Standard Panel Height

  • 1’ to 10′
  • Panel height is determined by overall wall elevation and site considerations


  • 3B Flaming Hot (subject to change based on client specifications)
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Design Ratings

  • 4-hour fire rating  
  • Wind load to 180mph (per ASCE7-05) 
  • Can be designed for all seismic zones 
  • UL 752 Level 9 bullet resistant – XL 
  • Tested to 3B RLS standard 
  • Exceeds UL Level 9 bullet resisting standard by 550%  
  • High speed blast fragment protection from 3000FPS-4500 FPS (Equivalent of pipe bomb or IED) – XL
  • NERC CIP-014 Compliant
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Design and Engineering

  • Full set of stamped drawings supplied for client approval 
  • Specialist designs to incorporate heavy ballistic and blast attack 
  • Engineered to site and client requirements 
  • Project solution designed for fast installation  
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Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

  • Multiple facilities located throughout the United States  
  • 3B manufactured under strict supervision 
  • Strict quality assurance and in house control procedures  
  • Each project is manufactured and overseen by a dedicated in-house project manager 
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Exterior Finish

  • Smooth finish
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Industry Focus

  • Substations 
  • Investor-owned electric utilities 
  • Municipal utilities 
  • Electric cooperatives 
  • Gas plants 
  • Industrial facilities 
  • Military 
  • Homeland Security 
  • DOT 
  • Commercial 
  • Power plants 
  • Transformer shields 
  • Pressure testing facilities 
  • Pipeline protection 
  • Partition walls for asset protection