Tactics against utility companies

Utility Station

A “really crude” homemade bomb, described by an Arizona Department of Public Safety bomb squad as more like a big match than a grenade or explosive, charred the side of a 50,000-gallon diesel storage tank at the Valencia power delivery facility near Nogales, Arizona.

Tactics against utility companies:

  • Shooting of electrical infrastructure including control houses, transmission lines, insulators, transformers
  • Use of explosive devices, pipe bombs, back pack explosives
  • Elimination of key staff by sniper rifle
  • Cutting of communication and power lines
  • Tampering with the operation of control circuits and switch boxes
  • Removal of transmission support bolts
  • Sawing of transmission supports
  • Use of construction equipment to destroy transmission lines
  • Downing of utility poles into distribution lines
  • Throwing debris or objects on electrical infrastructure
  • Deliberate release of oil from transformers
  • Arson
  • Metal theft

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