“Operation lights out”

The FBI is investigating three alleged white supremacists linked with a plot to attack power stations in the southeastern U.S., The operation called “Lights out” aimed to create enough damage that the government would need to spend millions in recovery. The FBI is investigating an alleged white supremacist group who was planning a power outage across the southeastern U.S. by attacking the grid. Operation ‘Lights Out’ was scheduled for summer 2021 when members would cut off electricity by shooting rifle rounds into power stations.

The plan was told to the FBI by an informant in an affidavit from March that was mistakenly unsealed last week It revealed an Ohio teenager, a man from Wisconsin and a Texas native who was then a Purdue University student  are among those being investigated. They planned to make their own weapons and buy a ranch  from where they could carry out ‘militant training‘. They were planning to target power stations in Miami and Jacksonville, in Florida, and a substation in Colorado Springs, Colorado, among others. The plan was to knock out key power grids by strategically shooting rifle rounds into power sub-stations costing the government millions in recovery spending,’ an informant told investigators, according to the records.

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