The Problem

In today’s World, unfortunately these events are common.

The ProblemIn the past we have taken for granted the security of our buildings and structures, whether they are government embassies, commercial offices to our schools and hospitals. While we read about terrorist attacks, we never expect these will be local, in our country or our neighborhood. The world has changed, making safety and security a high priority for everyone.

At the National level:

Countries are starting to realize the importance of strong homeland and border security. Governments, Oil & Gas and other critical infrastructure buildings are re-evaluating safety and security of their personnel and physical assets. 3B Protection products provide cost effective solutions for perimeter security and a dependable barrier between you and a terrorist attack or natural event.

At an Individual/Local level:

We are becoming more aware of the “soft targets” around us like schools, hospitals shopping malls that leave us vulnerable as we live our daily lives. Whether its new construction or modifying an existing structure, 3B Protection products can make the difference. This difference can be measured by the resistance when criminals try to enter secured spaces. These critical minutes of protection, provides peace of mind until help arrives.